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Hyundai’s Charter Of Inclusion And Diversity

Hyundai was founded through the hard work, passion and pioneering spirit of its people.

At Hyundai Motor America, we know that our differences make us stronger. Inclusion and diversity connect unique individual contributions across our organization to challenge conventional thinking.

We commit ourselves to hire and retain an executive management and employee staff based on equal participation and opportunity for all, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, religion, or any other legally protected characteristic.

Hyundai values inclusion and diversity as they are the catalysts that enrich employee ingenuity, broaden our dealer network, identify supplier synergies, and enhance each customer’s experience.

Our successes – past and present – come from crafting innovative solutions. Inclusion and diversity assures Hyundai’s continued success

Hyundai Diversity Council

The Hyundai Diversity Council is chaired by Hyundai Motor America’s CEO, co-chaired by Hyundai executives, and is comprised of a cross section of Hyundai employees with various backgrounds and experiences. The diversity council members serve to advance diverse and inclusive processes in the areas of: Talent Management, Supplier Development, Marketing Communications, Retail Experience and Community Outreach with Hyundai Motor America.

Hyundai Diversity Council Members

  1. Jerry Flannery – President and CEO, Chairman Hyundai Diversity Council
  2. Ron Haughey – Vice President, Finance
  3. Zafar Brooks – Director, Corporate Social Responsibility & Diversity Inclusion, Exec. Co-Chair
  4. Erwin Raphael – General Manager, Exec. Co-Chair
  5. Alma Murray – Counsel, Consumer Litigation
  6. John Angevine – Sr. Group Manager, Market Representation
  7. Jackie Hyun – Sr. Group Manager, Corporate Strategy & Research
  8. Jennifer Kaushek – Sr. Group Manager, Human Resources
  9. Yasmin Siu – Sr. Group Manager, Purchasing
  10. Suzanne Feeney, Ph.D. – Sr. Manager, Customer Communication Strategy
  11. Erik Thomas – Sr. Manager, Auto Shows & Exhibits
  12. Jennifer Robinson – Manager, Parts & Service Planning
  13. Peter Anderson, Manager, Diversity and Inclusion

Hyundai Employee Resource Groups

Young Leaders – Millennials ERG

Works cohesively to leverage the strengths of the millennial generation to provide ideas and solutions for improvements which contribute to the excellence and success of Hyundai; concurrently, building a foundation to foster career growth and enhance personal development.

Women @Hyundai – Women’s ERG

Champions a positive and inclusive environment that empowers female employees, customers, and business partners. Women@Hyundai serves as a voice for women and their supporters by advancing brand awareness, automotive expertise, professional development, and employee retention. Women@Hyundai welcomes membership and contribution from all Hyundai employees.

Hyundai Soul – African American/Black ERG

The Black/African American employee resource group has the following goals: leverage the diverse experiences of Hyundai employees to provide innovative ideas that will increase awareness of the Hyundai brand within the Black and African American community; become thought leaders and serve as a cultural competence council providing insightful intelligence to Hyundai’s executive leadership team.

Amigos Unidos – Hispanic/Latino ERG

Incorporate the cultural intelligence of the Latino community to enable innovative business solutions. The group also looks to become a trusted advisor for Hyundai leadership regarding the growth of the Latino/Hispanic community.

Equality – LGBTQ ERG

Promotes a positive and inclusive work environment while providing opportunities for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Hyundai employees in education, career development, networking and workplace collaboration. Additionally, this ERG advances innovative ideas to drive awareness of the Hyundai brand within the LGBTQ community. Driving: Equality welcomes membership and contribution from all Hyundai employees supporting its goals, both LGBTQ employees and allies.

#BecauseAsian – Asian ERG

The Hyundai Asian Cultures employee resource group seeks to promote the differences in all Asian cultures which make Hyundai a stronger company. The group’s goal is to create a framework to leverage the talent, skills, and networks of Hyundai employees to drive innovation and business opportunities. Lastly, the group also looks to support Hyundai’s corporate outreach and community events.

Stars & Stripes – Veterans ERG

Provide Hyundai employees, spouses, siblings, and supporters of U.S. Military Veterans with a forum to gather with other employees who hold common interests, identities, and/or topics related to veterans.

Hyundai CARES – Disabilities ERG

Focus and create awareness on the impact of disabilities on Hyundai employees, their families and the workplace. Provide support to employees who are born with or who have acquired a disability, maturing employees with age-related disabilities, veterans with service related disabilities, and employees who have a child with special needs.

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